That night everything changed.  My dad was given custody.  We moved states and my dad brought us to this Boys & Girls Club.  I hated it...I was in shock, I went from a dope house surrounded by druggies to a Club where every-one kept telling me they cared. But I thought nobody cared. I thought I was better off dead...Then they slowly started winning me over. ...So while many people think of the programs and the buildings when they donate, I want you to donate because of the people.  I want you to donate so that the Boys & Girls Clubs of Stoneham & Wakefield will continue never to quit on the Ashleys, the Jacobs, the Nathans, and the Lilys.

- Ashley, member

I never saw empathy from strangers until I came to the Clubs.  When my mom worked late, they let us stay later.  When I was sad, they asked what was wrong.  I went from a place where I didn’t want to hug anyone to a place where these strangers told me they cared.

- Amaia, member


C-4 Analytics and Epsilon Dodge it Out at this Year’s Dodging for Dollars Event

When it comes to dodgeball, all is fair in love and fundraising, and for this year’s Dodging for Dollars event hosted by the Boys & Girls Clubs of Stoneham & Wakefield, no sentiment has ever rung truer. Amongst a line-up of…

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Dodging Through the Decades: The Boys & Girls Clubs of Stoneham & Wakefield Hosts 6th Annual Dodgeball Tournament Fundraiser

Kicking off April 24th with over forty teams and five hundred fierce dodgeball competitors, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Stoneham and Wakefield will host their sixth annual “Dodging for Dollars” dodgeball tournament fundraiser.  Themed “Dodging through the Decades,” this year’s…

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Boys & Girls Clubs Partner with Melrose Chamber of Commerce on Kentucky Derby Fundraiser for Melrose Youth Programs

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Stoneham and Wakefield and the Melrose Chamber of Commerce are proud to announce the first annual Kentucky Derby Fundraiser. This fun and unique event will take place on Saturday, May 6 at 5-8 PM at…

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