That night everything changed.  My dad was given custody.  We moved states and my dad brought us to this Boys & Girls Club.  I hated it...I was in shock, I went from a dope house surrounded by druggies to a Club where every-one kept telling me they cared. But I thought nobody cared. I thought I was better off dead...Then they slowly started winning me over. ...So while many people think of the programs and the buildings when they donate, I want you to donate because of the people.  I want you to donate so that the Boys & Girls Clubs of Stoneham & Wakefield will continue never to quit on the Ashleys, the Jacobs, the Nathans, and the Lilys.

- Ashley, member

I never saw empathy from strangers until I came to the Clubs.  When my mom worked late, they let us stay later.  When I was sad, they asked what was wrong.  I went from a place where I didn’t want to hug anyone to a place where these strangers told me they cared.

- Amaia, member


whatever it takes

Boys & Girls Clubs of Stoneham & Wakefield announce Bill Chetwynd Memorial Gala, will honor the Houghton Family, McGrail Family, & C-4 Analytics

On November 8th, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Stoneham & Wakefield will host their 4th Annual Gala at the Danversport Yacht Club. They will rechristen the event the Bill Chetwynd Memorial Gala after Board Member & Wakefield Club Founder William…

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Annual Meeting Photos

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Touch a Truck Photos

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