Women who inspire us: Christine Jermyn

Maiden Name: Lombardo (Attended Stoneham Club 1981-1992)

Tell us a little about yourself: Born and raised in Stoneham, currently still living in the house I grew up in. Married to my Husband Jon for 13 years with 2 girls. Sevannah who is a senior at Stoneham High and Daniella who is in 6th grade at Central Middle School. Jon and I own a Gluten Free Bakery named Daniella’s Dandies.

Tell us your “club story” Started going to the club around 7-8 years old, when you had gray “credit cards” as your member card.  The Club was a place to go to hang out with your friends, meet new friends, play games, arts and crafts, etc.  I would be down at the Club from open to close every day.  Aside from being a member at the Boys Club in Stoneham, I used to work at the front desk (Thursday night hockey nights were a challenge) and be the games room supervisor on Wednesdays.

Favorite BGC Memories? Monday field trips in the Summer, Man Over Board in the Gym and Donna taking us to Topsfield Fair in her red car and always winning at the Candy Man table. At the time I was going to the Club there were not a lot of places to go for a kid my age. The Club was a place to go to get off the streets.  From the field trips, gymnastics shows, ping pong etc, there was always something fun to do. I made a lot of friends who I am still friends with today that I would not have if I never went to the Boys and Girls Club. Some of my best memories are from the Club. Rushing down there to be the first member through the door and the first member to sign up for Monday field trips. Walking up to Mr. D’s (now Pizza Mia) to get slush, ordering pizza from Brother’s place during vacations. Foosball tournaments, watching Flynny beat everyone he played in ping pong.

Advice to young girls attending our clubs?: The Boys and Girls Club is a safe place to go to. When I went Donna, Flynny and Mr. O always had their door opened if you wanted to talk. Don’t be afraid to go to or ask for help from a staff member.

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